3 Secret Reasons Employee Monitoring Software Is Making a Comeback

3 Secret Reasons Employee Monitoring Software Is Making a Comeback

Modern user activity monitoring software is incredibly flexible, providing businesses with the information they need and the protection they need. When examining three key use cases, it’s clear that employee tracking software is the right tool for our digital moment.

Confidentiality of the data

One of the biggest complaints about employee tracking software is that it can be used to spy on employees. However, anyone with a Smartphone knows that there are many ways to prevent personal information from being recognized by the personnel tracking software.

The software protects privacy on many fronts. Perhaps the most obvious is that it helps protect customer data, an increasingly important component of data protection. No company wants to be the next Marriott or Equifax, and in a post-GDPR world, this is not just an altruistic value proposition. 2019 should be a year of compliance with the GDPR, which provides for fines and penalties for companies that do not adequately protect customer information.

As the modern workforce interacts with external suppliers, internal employees, and privileged users, the employee monitoring software appropriately monitors all network activity, provides follow-up audits to users, and prevents non-compliance with a clear record of responsibility.

Protection of intellectual property

Modern personnel tracking software is dynamic and can help protect a company’s most valuable asset: its intellectual property. It is especially important for start-ups, a type of business that is based almost entirely on their unique ideas.

Tesla, a startup with financial and cultural capital that is significantly larger than most other companies, has difficulty controlling the consequences of such a situation. The company sued a former employee, Martin Tripp, accused as Gigabyte corporate data was stolen, including photos and videos of their famous electric car.

Companies of all sizes bear the responsibility for themselves, their shareholders and their customers to protect their intellectual property. Monitoring user activities ensures monitoring and control of this aspect of an organization. Also, the software creates an audit trail that can serve as legal evidence of a breach or other harmful activity.

Process optimization

In examining the critical trends in the modern workforce, Harvard Business Review concluded, “At a time when so many companies are seeking to grow, senior executives need to integrate a productive mindset into their business and remove organizational barriers to ensure productivity of the workforce.”

To this end, employee monitoring software can detect employee trends and inefficiencies of processes, and enable a data-driven business productivity model that drives the growth of the business. By identifying and improving bottlenecks in the workflow, every business can ensure that its people get properly employed at the right time at the right company.

Employee monitoring software provides organizations with the ability to defend against this risk by detecting internal threats, preventing data loss, protecting intellectual property, and providing other cyber-security benefits. Therefore, it is not surprising that nearly 83% of the largest companies do this using some form of employee monitoring solution.

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