4 Tips for Flat Tire Repair

4 Tips for Flat Tire Repair

Most people just drive without adequate checks. Some people do not even have their spare tires in good shape. It is necessary to make sure your car is in order at all times. It is always best to have a contingency plan at all times.

But what if you cannot change the tire at that point in time? Preparing for such a situation means you have handled the problem in advance. Below are some tips in preparation for a flat tire situation.

#1. There are certain tools that must be in your car

They include: a Gardner’s knee pad, a full length apron, a full pair of gloves and a towel. With these, you can get back on the road without ruining your clothes. But what do you use them for? The next tip answer that question.

#2. You must have an emergency tire repair kit

A tire repair kit can be obtained from a local store. Anyone that deals in automotive parts can help here. However, while checking the numerous products, you must consider the following:

  • A tire sensor warns you when your tire is loosing pressure. If your car is new, then it should have a tire sensor.
  • When the engine is off and the tire is leaking, the sensor will not help .
  • Bear in mind that these car fixes are temporary. It is advised to go to a tire shop as soon as you can. When you are obtaining a tire repair kit, ask if they are safe with a tire sensor. It makes no sense to ruin your car for a temporary fix.

#3.The Donut Spare Experience

You must understand that a donut spare is also a temporary solution. On a general note, donut spares are not supposed to be driven for longer than 50 miles. Your manual serves as a very useful guide here. Always consult your manual.

#4.  Always endeavor to familiarize yourself with your car

Whether or not you have changed your car tire before, you must get familiar with your car. You must make sure you know how to use the jack. Jacks come in different types so you must know yours. Also, you must learn how to place the Jack for all four tires. The positioning differs hence you must check to know. These are things you must do before trouble sets in. Frustration is the result when you try to learn during trouble.

Tire repair is very inexpensive to effect. Getting professional tire repair service is the safest plan of action. Most of the time all that is required is plugging. Tire plugging is inexpensive and can be carried out easily. At other times, tire plugging might not be the solution. Perhaps, it might be that the sidewall of your tire has a hole in it. A general advise is to be consistent with brand and hence, performance. This helps you get exactly what you require at service shops.

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