An Imaginative Take on Garden Furniture

An Imaginative Take on Garden Furniture

There’s a wealth of garden furniture providers out there supplying good quality, comfortable garden furniture, but what about garden furniture for the little, or for those adults with an over active imagination. There are plenty of ubiquitous garden objects which provide an excellent place to rest your derriere, which might not instantly be classed as garden furniture per se. So when it’s time to take a pew, why not think outside of the box…

Space Hoppers

In the modern day of gym membership and the government drive to make the UK a more active nation, muscles and cardiovascular fitness are all well and good, but whatever happened to good old sinewy strength. Enter stage left the trusty old space hopper. If you’re in the market for a taught thigh or reassuring calf, the space hopper makes for an innovative take on garden furniture.

Rather than reclining in a prone position, why not sit upright, whilst bouncing up and down on a rubberized ball complete with smiley face. Not only will a space hopper work wonders for your posture and balance, it will also help to improve your core strength, working wonders for legs, bums and tums. And if you need to travel at speed across the lawn, no problem at all, simply bounce, at great effort, towards your desired destination.

The Paddling Pool

Perhaps a suggestion best left till the summer, reclining in a paddling pool is one of the reasons it pays to be British. There’s no point forking out for a swimming pool in the UK with the weather so annoyingly unreliable, so what you need is a small portable pool, slightly larger than a bath but smaller than a hatchback, that allows you to recline, in your garden, whilst enjoying the cooling properties of H2O. If you’re looking to work on your sinewy strength, a paddling pool is not likely to help; however, if you’re more concerned with finding the perfect position to enjoy a Calypso, you’ve probably just found it! May I be so bold as to suggest the paddling pool and Calypso combination is best served with ambient music, a jug of Pimms and some swimming shorts? It’s garden furniture, but not as you knows it.

A Deck Chair

Since the glory days of the annual summer trip to the British seaside, the deck chair is an item of Rattan garden furniture with a dwindling popularity. Personally I’m at a loss to see why. Not only are they extremely cost effective, they are also highly portable; wherever you go, so can your trusty deck chair, whether it’s a beach setting, whilst watching a cricket match, or in a field next to the M4, a deck chair is an item of garden furniture which will hopefully never die.

Although this article has been a bit of fun, hopefully it has made you appreciate that there’s far more to garden furniture than the bland white plastic so many people plump for. If you’re looking for high class garden furniture with a difference, Rattan furniture is one provider well worth having a look at.

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