There have been a lot of debates surrounding CBD oil especially after the debate regarding making marijuana legal sparked in legislation process. Studies have been conducted on what CBD oil is used for and many have come up with substantial proofs of its positive effects.

Although CBD oil is not an FDA approved product, it is still legal in some US states.


What Is CBD Oil?


Cannabidiol, CBD, is one of the many components in a hemp or cannabis plant. It should not be confused with marijuana since unlike the latter, it has very low amount of THC, the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive effect aka ‘high”. However, according to Medical News Today, it does have some effects on the use of natural cannabinoids of the body. CBD is claimed to cause increase in this usage by the body.



CBD oil is already used as a remedy for many medical issues. Studies are still being conducted on its effects and uses. Below are some major benefits that CBD oil is connected with :

  1. Relief In Anxiety And Depression


CBD oil is seen to be helping with anxiety issues and depression. According to Huffpost, it can have same effects as of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicines and it can also help patients with early psychosis. Studies show that CBD helps in increasing the release of “good” hormones in the body and betters the mood.

  1. Helps In Pain and Inflammation


CBD oil is also claimed to be helping in pain management in chronic pain problems like back pain and joint pain. It is seen to help relieve pain and inflammation even in arthritis and cancer patients. It is linked with release of dopamine in body, thus causing relief in discomfort and agonising pain which even painkiller medicines can’t help much with.


  1. Epilepsy Treatment


Based on a review on Epilepsia, Medical News Today claims that CBD can be used in treatment of epilepsy because of its anti- seizure properties. Many studies have been conducted where CBD oil was used in successful treatment of epilepsy patients leading decrease in seizures by 36%.

CBD is also used in treatment of diseases like multiple sclerosis and study has shown positive effect of CBD containing spray on the patients.


  1. Betters Skin

CBD has been used in cosmetics and skincare products because of its anti inflammatory properties which can help in treating several skin problems. CBD can help with acne as well since studies show that it reduces the sebum production in skin and reduces active pro acne agents.

  1. Helps In Overcoming Addiction


A study of CBD has shown that it reduces the drug, specifically Heroin, seeking behaviour and causes changes in brains to help overcome substance abuse and addiction. It helps in alleviating chances of relapse and its anti-nausea properties help reduce vomiting during withdrawal.

Side Effects


No major side effects have been noted on human in many studies conducted based on various dosages. However there are some minor effects that include lower blood pressure because of CBD’s calmness effect, tiredness, change in appetite and in some cases nausea and diarrhea. However, the side effects are quite negligible as compared to the benefits it may provide.

The need of the hour is to get more research done regarding the effects, on humans, of an oil with so many potential benefits. However, because of lack of enough research and knowledge, there is no clear answer to the question of what is CBD oil used for. In any case, the oil should not be taken in large amounts since its purity is not regulated by FDA on account of it not being an approved product.


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