Best Car Rental Companies in Thessaloniki

Best Car Rental Companies in Thessaloniki

 Landing at any destination, only to lack a cab to get you to your destination can be a traveler’s worst nightmare. But if this is the last thing you want to face on your ventures, then a car rental can prove crucial for your convenience. Well, if you are headed for Greece, you hardly have to worry about anything as far as car rental is concerned.

However, you can find over five ideal car rental companies to suit your needs. And if this destination is on your list, then you need to keep reading to find out what some of the leading ones have to offer.

Top car rentals companies in Thessaloniki




National comes in as one of the favorite car rental companies for many travelers. But does it have the best you can expect?

Among the things that National claims to offer above all else is an ideal staff with an outstanding reputation for its efficiency.

Besides, the company holds true to its promise for convenience, as it claims to drop a car off fast and efficiently. Not forgetting, the location is said to be ideal for easy spotting of the company or its representatives.

Another impressive thing is the condition of the vehicles themselves. The cars are clean and well maintained for an excellent overall condition.

What’s more, the service is available all week, operating from 8 am to 9 pm every day of the week. And all you need is a full valid driving license and your voucher to get started.



Another car rental company is Caldera car rental SKG airport. Here, you can expect fast and easy dropping off a car by the company. But there’s more since you can quickly amend your booking to suit your schedule without incurring any fee. Moreover, the company provides delivers with a timely service, with ideal car dropping time to timely collection.

What’s more, the fleet maintenance offers not only comfort and convenience but also the value for your money. The counter staff is further helpful and at ready, from seven am to 9 pm, every day, every week.

The vehicles are perfectly clean to deliver an ultimate service on your ventures; you get what you pay for. Not forgetting, the fleet comes in a wide array of the collection to meet your preference and choice.



Here’s yet another option for car rental services in Thessaloniki, and claims a fair share of the market in its own right.

Thrifty promises to work hard to offer you perfect prices when it comes to booking your car rental. And in case anything happens that means you have to reschedule your booking; you can
do so without having to spend more down the road.

What’s more, you can count on Thrifty to get an excellent bargain for the service. Not only can you expect to find well-defined and luxurious car rental, but you can also make significant savings with this choice.



Then there’s Budget, which offers a simple process to rent a car in Thessaloniki. First up, Budget boasts a wide array of the fleet, which provides virtually any vehicle you would set your eyes on for rent.

The company also serves quite a range of areas, from Kassandra to Pieria, Kallithea, downtown and many others.

Moreover, Budget strives to offer cheap rates and a first class service for its customers. And the
company works hard to deliver excellent customer service.

What’s more, Budget’s services are available in quite a wide range of platforms, and one of them, which are most accessible, are the online option. But if this doesn’t offer the opportunity for any customer, then a call can prove helpful.

And with cars spanning in models, sizes, and styles, Budget promises a step ahead of the rest.



Goldcar seeks to establish an outstanding service in this market, and it has managed to garner trust among up to more than 4 million customers.

The company offers free cancelation of bookings at no cost at all, so customers can change their car rental bookings to match their schedules without costs.

And that’s not all that Goldcar has up its sleeve; the company also ensures there are no any hidden charges or fees on customers’ credit cards.

Customers can also ask for more services like child seats, GPS navigation systems. They can also ask for an additional driver, which involves the right for someone other than the primary driver to take charge.

Moreover, the company replenishes over 70% of its fleet every year to ensure best fleet condition.



Lastly, but not the least of all, is Enterprise. At Enterprise, customers can save up to 5% with their bookings on some occasions.

Again, you can count on the free booking cancelation in case you need to change your schedule.

The array of the fleet is also quite vast, ranging from 3-door cars to the large SUVs as well as carriers vans, there’s virtually every vehicle to suit your needs.

With any of these car rental companies within your reach, you can always venture far and deep into Greece without necessarily worrying about getting around town. You can still enjoy an outstanding service with your favorite car rental company.

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