Best tips for sizing rough lumber for use

Best tips for sizing rough lumber for use

When you go to a lumber yard to purchase wood, you have two choices. Either to purchase surfaced lumber or to buy rough lumber, size and surface it by yourself.

For the two choices, there are advantages and disadvantages as well. Whether you’re buying surfaced lumber or you’re buying rough lumber, there are pros and cons to deal with.

Already surfaced lumber is easier to use. You can just purchase it and get down to building your project straight away without laboring to get it in the right surface condition. However, you’ll be spending a whole lot of money when you buy surfaced lumber.

Apart from spending a more money, you get to size your lumber according to the requirements of your project when you buy rough lumber. Which is not something you can do with surfaced lumber. Surfaced lumber are already sawn into small pieces which you normally have to glue together when making projects that require large flat pieces of wood.

The advantages of surfacing and sizing your own lumber far outweighs the disadvantages. So, when next you go to the lumber yard, I’d advise that you buy rough lumber instead of surfaced lumber so that you can size it by yourself.

When sizing rough lumber, you’re going to need some tools. You’ll need a wood jointer, a compound sliding miter saw, wood planer, a table saw with a good rip fence. You need these tools if you’re really serious about surfacing lumber by yourself.

That is the disadvantage of sizing lumber by yourself. You need good quality tools to get the job done. If you don’t have tools, then you can’t size your own lumber.

On the other hand, if you have these tools already, then you are ready to size your own lumber. First things first. Make sure all the machines I listed above which you’re going to use are properly tuned up accurately.

If your table saw fence is not square with the blade, make sure it’s square. Get your miter saw set up accurately to make accurate cuts. Once they’re all set up, then you’re ready to start sizing some rough lumber.

When buying lumber to size, you have to make sure that the ones your buy are not already warped, twisted or bowed, else you’ll find it hard getting them to the condition you desire. Buy flat and straight rough lumber instead to get the work easier for you.

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