Crowdfunding for Creative Ideas

Crowdfunding for Creative Ideas

When one considers artists and creatives, the innovative ideas and projects are a few of the most precious, important and valuable ideas that they possess. However, even if all the good ideas in the world are taken into account, the execution of these visions can often seem daunting to small groups who tend to not look at all the options of fundraisers in India. One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome is often going get the funding which is absolutely essential to get the project off the ground. This is where the idea of crowdfunding comes in.

Thankfully, raising funds has started to become more democratic in the past ten years or so, with the rise of crowdfunding. It was first used to fund small businesses, but artists of all fields are increasingly turning to such kinds of platforms to turn their dream projects a reality. While there is q significant amount of people who associate crowdfunding with well-known projects like the Flow Hive, even high powered artists who are well known by themselves have been using the system to take their ideas to the public and thus engage with the fundraisers in India.

With the evolution of crowdfunding, the platforms have also evolved. Time has seen the rise of websites which cater specifically to creatives, while there are different systems which even allow for payment which is not yet complete and thus support the system. It just takes looking at what’s right for the specific artist and situation.

Once a company has settled on a crowdfunding platform, they have to make sure their campaign is successful. Part of this process is the selection of where the company would be doing their fundraising because certain platforms are known to have higher success rates than others, but the rest will depend on the authority’s ability to successfully market their ideas to the public.

One should always keep in mind that the choice of crowdfunding platforms is of immense significance, and here are the reasons why:

One should never underestimate the importance of this decision. Listed below are a few crowdfunding platforms that cater to creatives with big ideas. Each of these platforms has their pros and cons, which includes the amount of commission they charge and whether or not tax is charged on the donations, so one must be sure to read the fine print when they are making the final decision.

  1. Kickstarter: it is a well-known fact that when most people think of crowdfunding, they generally think of Kickstarter. It is one of the biggest platforms out there and has raised a huge amount of money in many countries. It is also a growing platform among the fundraisers in India.

 They have several different campaign categories, with enough options for creatives, which implies that any kind of creative idea would be welcome there. All the campaigns launched by this organization are known to be the all-or-nothing type, so they have to be launched and planned carefully, especially when one considers the fact that a little over 60% of Kickstarter campaigns actually fail to reach their goal. However, with a little marketing knowledge, and some idea of the market economy, one can try to get their campaign noticed by the media for a welcome boost, which would give them an edge.

  1.  Indiegogo: If the organization is looking for more flexibility, combined with the backing of a powerhouse platform, Indiegogo should be the ideal platform for them. The company is given a choice the “all-or-nothing” and “keep what you earn” campaigns, which makes it an attractive alternative for many. With zero hassle got application or approval process, one can also get their idea up and going quickly.
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