Do bookmakers offer money free money?

Do bookmakers offer money free money?

There are many online bookmakers that offer free bets to their new customers as a part of a promotional strategy or to the existing customers as a reward. In both cases, it is a profitable venture for the customer. It is an offer that is provided by the bookmaker to make without the stake. The specified value of the stake is paid by the bookmaker himself on behalf of the bettor.

Many people think that free bets are too good to be true. The bookmakers offer their customers free money. But it depends on the bettor whether he can make money with such offers. You need to be very smart for making money from such betting offers. If you win the bet, you can take the net amount from the winning amount. The stake amount is deducted from the winning amount by the bookmaker.

Why do bookmakers offer free bet?

  • Bookmakers generally offer free bets in order to encourage people to open an account with the bookmaker.
  • The new customers can get the benefit of free bets only when they make the first deposit.
  • They even offer free bets to the existing customers in the hope that the customers will continue to bet with them.
  • Many times it is used as a marketing strategy by the bookmakers to promote betting.

Is there any catch in the free bets?

Usually, there is always something of a catch in such offers. Although people can still make the most out of such offers, some bookmakers allow you to take the winnings of the first bet. Many others require the customer to use the funds earned bya free bet to make additional bets. So, before using free bets make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions tagging along with the offer.

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