Expanding Your Restaurant, Consider Cold Room Rental

Expanding Your Restaurant, Consider Cold Room Rental

Congratulations! Your restaurant is busier than ever. Your aspirations and hard work have paid off. The down side? As your enterprise expands, you are faced with turning diners away because although extra tables have been added, your facilities behind the scenes are straining with the increased volume of stock. The refrigerator and freezer are at the point of bursting. You don’t want to reduce the menu options and you haven’t got the room to fit another unit in the kitchen. So, what choices do you have?

Don’t turn business away; the one diner you refuse may have recommended you to numerous friends and business colleagues or have been a critic or foodie who potentially elevated your business levels even further.

You can’t have stock intended for refrigerated or freezer storage sitting at room temperature unless you wish to cause a food hygiene incident and lose your increasingly excellent reputation. Did you know that there is no distinction in the Food Standards Agency and local authority inspectors’ eyes between pop-up restaurants and permanent sites? Whenever food is being served to the public, the rules apply and cheating the system is not allowed. It’s not worth the risk.

Perhaps you aren’t confident that the maximum volume of diners will last for months. Is it a passing phase? Hopefully not, but do you want to purchase cold rooms and freezer facilities right now, mid-expansion?

Your solution is convenient, cost effective and practical

Contact a cold room and freezer room specialist about hire facilities which can be placed indoors or outside, wherever they are most useful. Staff can work in them too, which is perfect for busy kitchens which must adhere to health and safety and aim to be ergonomic.

Hygienic, legislation meeting, and well-maintained refrigeration solutions are available in a range of sizes and capacities, with and without wheels. Cold rooms, without wheels, are constructed on site which means there’s no concerns about whether they will fit in to premises. If you think that wheels would be beneficial then a fridge trailer provides the answer.

Cold room rental facilities are lockable and insured and have a clear entry/exit point; the doors open from the inside and the outside, and the interior lighting level ensures visibility of the opening mechanism on the door even when closed.

Cold room rental units are powered via mains and generator for flexibility and as the facilities are delivered to site and collected at the end of the hire period you can concentrate on your other important tasks and leave the hire firm’s experts to prepare your refrigeration for immediate use and to down-power it.

The client incurs no fuel expenses or time implications. What could be better?

Hire periods can be extended for as long as necessary. Hire firms like Icecool Trailers frequently have ex-hire cold rooms and freezer units for sale so, if the business levels remain high and you expand further, why not discuss the possibility of making a purchase?

Please contact Icecool Trailers about cold room rental today.

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