Here is what you should do for moving house in Singapore

Here is what you should do for moving house in Singapore

Moving to a new home should be a remarkable experience, not a long and boring process. A new house specifies new beginnings, new memories, and new hopes. BEAM Space has put together a list of tips to be remembered when packing your items, thus making the moving experience so much better.

Before your movers pick up your items for moving, here are some packing tips for moving house in Singapore to help you make your journey easier:

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  1. First, pack the items that you do not use every day. The process of packing a home to move normally takes a long time, so it is still necessary to have access to daily needs.
  2. The quickest way to pack your household items is to work in one room at one time. This systematic approach enables to name each box exactly from which room it belongs to. The movers can also know which boxes should be kept in which room when they unload your items.
  3. Another packing tip for moving house is to review each and every item available at home. When packaging, evaluate quickly whether it is worth saving each item. This allows you to filter the unwanted items. Thus enables you from carrying too much waste items into your new home which ultimately will be dumped at a later stage.
  4. Items of the similar category should be packed together for safety and convenience. For example, kitchen items must be packaged in a box, separate from the items in the study. It is possible to further categorize the packaging, e.g. books with books or dishes with dishes. This will help you organize, tag, and track objects whenever you need them, and will make unloading easier for movers.
  5. Make sure you’ve packed the boxes properly and fill in the excess space with some crumpled newspaper to keep your items from moving and getting damaged. Sealing your boxes with tape is another way to make sure none of the items fall. Label your boxes properly so you are aware exactly which box to use for easy reference if all boxes are mixed during storage or shipping.
  6. Make the labeling of your box a step further by generating a numbering system. When you are packing your boxes, note each item in the appropriate box and write it in a document from Google Docs. So you can count exactly how many boxes are being moved.

 With these suggestions in mind, here are some better ways for category/ item for moving a house:

Boxing things

These are some of the elements that normally fit in the boxes which can be put together room wise:

Bedroom – bed sheets, extra blankets, clothes & accessories, etc.

Study room: folders, documents, books, etc.

Main Hall – lamps, seasonal decorations, lamps, small decorative elements, etc.

Kitchen: pans & pots, utensils, dishes, etc.

Special packing tip for moving house: It is recommended to keep heavy objects in smaller boxes and lightweight items in large boxes. This could prevent the back being injured or the box falling under the weight.

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