How are Delhiites coping up with the increasing levels of air pollution in their city?

How are Delhiites coping up with the increasing levels of air pollution in their city?

Delhi is a city of extreme climates – from hot summers to cold winters, the residents are prepared for each weather. But, the changing weather brings with its own set of hazards, and the chief amongst them is drop in quality of breathable air. In the summers, the dust-laden winds sweep the capital city, while in the winters, smog becomes a common phenomenon. Both the weathers bring with them a host of allergens, dust particles and other pollutants which has led to an alarming rise in skin and respiratory diseases amongst the population. The citizens need to protect themselves from the adverse effects of air pollution with measures such as buying an air-purifier in Delhi and the use of air purification plants.

Some of the measures that Delhiites are adopting to safeguard their health and wellbeing include the following:

Wearing Anti-Air Pollution Masks

While it is common to see women covering their faces with dupattas and men with handkerchiefs, more people are realizing the importance of wearing anti-pollution masks. The N95 mask has become very common as it can prevent Particulate Matter 2.5, which can lead to cancer by entering the bloodstream. It also prevents inhalation of dust and grime which can exacerbate respiratory disorders, including asthma and bronchitis.

Using Air Purifiers

The sales of air purifiers in Delhi has increased significantly. This is because air purifiers can improve indoor air quality and many homes and offices have adopted them. Even some schools have installed air purifiers to keep their students healthy. If you are looking for an air purifier, ensure you buy those that come with HEPA filter. This filter can trap PM 2.5 and other particulate matter.

Staying Indoors

On days when air pollution is severe and Delhi is enveloped in thick smog, schools stay closed so that children are not exposed to air pollution. Also, kids usually do not go out to play if the pollution levels are high. If people have understanding bosses, they can stay at home and work on such days, though it may not be feasible. But jogging and exercising outdoors has significantly reduced in places that experience high levels of air pollution.

Air Purification Plants

Even nurseries in Delhi are witnessing an increase in sale of plants that help purify air. Plants like Aloe Vera, spider plant, English ivy, Chinese evergreen and peace lily help purify indoor air and as a result, many Delhiites are buying these plants to improve air quality inside their homes and offices.


Delhi has dry climate unlike the coastal areas of India. As a result, you may not perspire too much, but still lose water content leading to dehydration. Many healthcare professionals advise Delhiites to drink a couple of liters of water not only to flush out dust and grime trapped in nasal passages and airways, but also to eliminate toxins from the body.

Supplements and Herbal Remedies

Some nutritionists in Delhi recommend taking supplements and herbal remedies that have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties to combat ill-effects of air pollution. Milk thistle supplements, chyawanprash, ginger tea and bio-tulsi tablets are ubiquitously consumed to counteract the effects of air pollution.

These are some ways that Delhiites are using to protect themselves from pollution. If you are in the capital, these are some of the measures you too can adopt; out of these buying air purifiers in Delhi is perhaps the best way to combat the harmful effects of environment and air pollution.

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