Is It Smart to Buy Your Teen a Used Vehicle?

Is It Smart to Buy Your Teen a Used Vehicle?

If the notion of buying a used vehicle for your teen has come across your mind, are you ready to make the move to do so?

For some parents, the idea of their teen getting behind the wheel can be a little disconcerting.

In the event the teenager is not as responsible as the parents would like or other issues can come into play. When they do, it can make a parent hesitate with getting their kid a car.

So, is it smart to buy your teen a used vehicle?

Steps to Take in Looking for the Right Car

If you go ahead with getting your teen a used car, consider the following steps:

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  1. Do your homework – Like you expect your teen to do their homework for school, do the same in searching for a vehicle. With that in mind, moving ahead with a VIN lookup makes a lot of sense. Having the vehicle I.D. number allows you to check different items about a used auto. That means finding out whether the vehicle has been in any serious accidents. If it has, you’d want to know that before signing any papers and putting money down on the vehicle. A VIN search can also move you a step closer to finding out if there are any notable recalls on the vehicle. In the event there are, don’t you want to know about them? You will end up with a safer vehicle for your loved one when you’ve done your homework.
  2. Have it inspected – When thinking of buying a used vehicle for your teen, have it inspected first. Yes, the dealership or private seller especially may balk at such a demand. You will rest better knowing a certified mechanic of your choosing has gone over the vehicle. Don’t let your teen’s safety up in the air because someone won’t let a mechanic you select give the vehicle an inspection.

  1. Set the ground rules – Even when you trust your teen behind the wheel, it is important you set the ground rules. That means your teen takes care of the vehicle with keeping it clean. He or she should also alert you to any notable problems with the vehicle. Having them check the oil and tires and other important areas is something they can handle. Last, it is important they have a curfew. The last thing you want is having them driving around town at all hours of the night. Even if they have a part-time job in the evening hours, let it known you expect them home at a certain time.

  1. Avoiding common distractions – If your teenager is one to get distracted, they can’t do that when out on the roads. From cell phones to messing around with friends while driving, your teen needs to focus on the road. Make sure they know that phone call or text and other such distractions can wait until they are off the road.

From a vehicle report for the used car you want to your kid knowing what they can do with the vehicle, drive forward.

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