Know the Importance of FASTag!!!

Know the Importance of FASTag!!!

The government of India has launched a simple program for the collection of toll taxes by the name of electronic toll collection which is also known as FASTag. The program is implemented by the national highways Authority of India. This program was introduced, so as to promote Indian highways Management Company limited. It has also collaborated with different banks for the clearance as well as settlement of electronic toll transactions.

A FASTag is a tag that is affixed on the windscreen of the vehicles that enable a person to drive through toll plazas without even stopping for cash transactions. It makes use of Radio frequency identification technology that makes the payment of toll charges directly payable from the prepaid accounts linked to it. It has a validity period of five years that can be recharged with minimum amount of Rs. 100 afterwards.

The buyers interested in buying a FASTag card are required to meet certain charges, including:

  • One time joining fee- Rs. 200
  • Minimum recharge of the card after five years- Rs. 100

Apart from this, the persons going to visit some other state are required to pay certain charges. The amounts of the Tag deposit as well as the threshold amount can be seen in the table that is available online as well. On all these available fees and charges, service tax is also levied. FASTag is operation in approximately 275 toll plazas across the state as well as national highways.

Special lines have been demarcated at the toll plazas for the FASTag have to be used. In case, there are two separate vehicles; a person is required to introduce two separate FASTag. An SMS will be received at the registered mobile number and every time a balance is deducted from their prepaid accounts. After creation of FASTag, a person has to register at customer portal and generate user ID as well as password.

After login to the customer portal, the persons interested can make a recharge after logging in. It is strictly prohibited to purchase two FASTag for one vehicle. At the stage of implementation, FASTag is voluntary. The possibility of its being mandatory at some locations in future cannot be ruled out entirely. It is likely to be used for other services like payment for parking charges and parking lots as well as several other payments at wayside amenities.

It is expected that more banks as well s mobile wallet are supposed to join in the future in the upcoming future. One can now make payment for the same by making use of the digital apps like Paytm. The recharge for the same can also be made by making use of NEFT, IMPS, cheque, etc. it is believed that the online system of payments has improved transparency in reducing revenue leakages as well as in toll transactions. In order to buy a FASTag, a user is required to submit a list of documents that are listed below:

  • Copy of registration certificate
  • KYC documents, including a voter ID card, driving license, Aadhar card, etc.
  • A valid driving license in good standing is also accepted as a proof of residence as well as ID.
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