Making summer camps fun; Taking them seriously

Making summer camps fun; Taking them seriously

Summer camps are all about fun and frolic for the kids and attendees,but they may be a huge task for the organizers. There is a lot of planning that goes behind organizing these camps for any age group. Each group – be it small kids between 5-10 years or older kids of 15 and above pose different challenges for the organizers.

Addressing the challenges of younger kids (5-10 years)

While it may seem easier to manage small kids, they are a storm when in groups. You also need to think about the different activities to involve them in and to keep them safe and sound. The activities need to be engaging, learning and yet fun as smaller kids would not like boring and sit-down tasks. However, as a parent and camp leader, you would want to make it useful for the kids in the longer run. Therefore, one can include activities like a nature trail, DIY crafts, and best out of waste.

Addressing the challenges of middle group kids (10-14 years)

These kids, who are at the beginning of their puberty and are in the more “experimental” phase, are a challenge to deal with and hence it is required to have the right resources for them. Not only do the activities need to be tailored for their learning abilities and preferences but also to help them gain experience and understanding. This can be done through professional trainers and experienced counselors.

Addressing the challenges of older kids (above 15 years)

While there is a smaller population of older kids who go to summer camps, camp organizers still need to be prepared for such groups. Older kids, especially those in the process of applying to graduate school need to be worked within a more professional and guiding manner. In their case, the camps are more of guidance and counseling sessions than involving games and activities.

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