Modern Essentials for the Luxury Kitchen of Today

Modern Essentials for the Luxury Kitchen of Today

The Kitchen is the core of the house. Why not invest in a comprehensive upgrade? It doesn’t matter if you are an ambitious amateur cook or a passionate host: With the right equipment, you can conjure up you’re perfect in the blink of an eye luxury kitchen. We present state-of-the-art devices that combine form and function in perfection.

What makes a luxury kitchen?  These features mostly found in homes in Dubai must not be missing today:

Cooling and Warming Drawers

Luxurious kitchen design often captivates with its flowing, uniform look. For example, the dishwasher and refrigerator are invisibly integrated into the kitchen. The new climate drawers fit perfectly into this concept. Whether in a single cabinet or strategically distributed throughout the kitchen: The state-of-the-art storage space with cooling function provides space for fruits and vegetables, cooking ingredients or drinks.

As practical as adding value warming drawers. Especially at dinner parties these multi-talented come as called. Because that’s how you serve all food perfectly tempered. They are installed below the oven and keep your dishes warm until they are applied. Some models offer additional programs, for example, to let yeast doughs rise or cook at low temperatures, as well as variable feeds.

With High-Tech Equipment for a Special Dining Experience

Top-class kitchen appliances make sophisticated dishes child’s play. Invest in an accessory that international. Food is sealed in a plastic bag, vacuumed and then cooked in carefully tempered water. In this way, for example, vegetables cook very slowly in their own juice, until the ideal delicate consistency is achieved. Even first-class meat can be prepared in such a way to the desired point.

If you have a taste for sweets, use an electric crepe iron to conjure wafer-thin pancakes in an instant. Of course, an ice cream machine must not be missing in the modern luxury kitchen.

Think about planning your Dream kitchen not only to the storage space but also pay attention to perfect equipment and consistent details. Every passionate chef will appreciate your investment in the fine art of dining.

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