Mouth Smacking Hungarian Dishes that you can’t afford to Miss

Mouth Smacking Hungarian Dishes that you can’t afford to Miss

Hungary, a state in Europe, is the thirteenth most visited place by tourists. Majorly people from Austria, Slovakia, and Germany visit this place. The tourist season starts from April to October. The traditional food of this country majorly consists of meat, bread, cheese, fruits and vegetables. With food, Hungarians also prefer the best quality wine.

Tourists also like to experience authentic Hungarian food tours that contain Hungarian cuisine with different tastes and flavors. Whether it is soups, main course or sweets, all have their own uniqueness and flavor.

Here are few Hungarian Dishes that you should explore –

  • Langos are fried dough that’s served with cheese and sour cream or garlic sauce.
  • Gulyas is a soup that contains vegetables, potatoes and beef with spices and paprika.
  • Palacsinta is a crepe which contains fried onion, crushed meat with paprika sauce.
  • Porkolt is a stew dish which is served with noodles with a mixture of onions, tomato, paprika and meat.
  • Gesztenyepure is a dessert which includes whipped cream, sugar, rum and chestnuts.
  • Halaszle is a broth made out of fish and spiced with paprika.
  • Kurtoskalacs is a sweet meat prepared with baked bread, sugar, coconut flakes, cinnamon nuts and cocoa.
  • Dobostorta is a sponge cake with layers of chocolate and cream which is served with nuts and caramel.
  • Toltott Kaposzta is a combination of meat and rice stuffed in big cabbage leaf and dipped in sour cream.
  • Meggyleves is chilled soup prepared from sugar, sour cream and sour cherries.
  • Retes is a pastry that is stuffed with cherry, poppy seeds or apple and dusted with powder sugar.
  • Tokaji Aszu is a special Hungary wine.
  • Paprikas Csirke is a dish with chicken dipped in paprika sauce.
  • Toltott Paprika is a dish in which bell peppers are stuffed with vegetables, meat and rice and baked in sauce.
  • Turos Csusza is wide noodles blended with cheese and bacon toppings.
  • Crescent shaped bread Kifli that is eaten with butter, meat or cheese.
  • Pogacsa are biscuits topped with cheese.
  • Korozott is a spread of turo cheese topped with paprika.
  • Bejgli is a walnut roll that looks like a log.
  • Modartej is a dessert that contains meringue floating on custard.
  • Flodni is a pastry that has four layers that contain poppy seed, jam, walnut and apple.
  • Rantott Sajt is simply fried cheese.
  • Turogomboc are cheese rolled in bread crumbs and served with vanilla paste.
  • Rakott Krumpli is baked dish that contains potatoes, sausage, eggs, cheese and cream.

All these items have their own special flavors that nobody can forget.

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