On methods to stimulate staff?

On methods to stimulate staff?

This type of motivation is based on the needs of the company’s personnel, and it can be tangible and intangible. In the first case, the management of the organization causes incentives for employees to be rewarded, which are expressed in the payment of bonuses, raising wages, charging all sorts of bonuses, etc.

It is also necessary to include non-monetary types of rewards in the form of payment for tour tours, trips to sanatorium treatment, issuing certificates for gifts. Intangible types of staff motivation are status and labor.

The status view is also considered a psychological motivation, as a person is drawn to career and personal growth, he wants to perform responsible and more complex work. In addition, most employees of enterprises strive to recognize their professional qualities and improve their social status.

The motivation of the staff is directed to the people’s interest in the work itself. To do this, the company’s management creates the necessary working conditions, optimizes the schedule of the day, provides the opportunity to make out if necessary, time off for employees and dispose of their own working hours. Our company, conducts training on staff motivation, as well as, тренинги по логистике в Киеве, as well as тренинг складская логистика Киев, and in other cities, our country.

By the methods used

In its work, the management of an organization can apply the motivation of workers on the methods used. These include the following ways to interest a person:

– stimulating;
– normative;
– forced.

The first option creates the necessary conditions for personnel through certain incentives aimed at encouraging the person to perform the desired actions. Normative ways of motivating employees are related to the impact on consciousness by means of certain psychological techniques. This makes it possible, with the help of information or persuasion, to encourage employees to voluntarily carry out certain actions. As for the compulsory method, the company’s management can influence the consciousness of employees with their own authority (authority) in case someone does not fulfill the duties assigned to him. Unlike the way employees are motivated, compulsory and normative types of motivation allow to directly influence the consciousness of employees.

By sources of motivation

Methods of motivation of personnel of this type are external and internal, and they have a certain relationship. External motivation encourages employees to perform certain actions with the help of external factors. For example, management can increase the salaries of staff, add some changes to the rules of human behavior in the workplace, promote workers on the career ladder for diligent attitude to work and strict fulfillment of tasks.

Internal motivation is directly related to the needs of each individual employee. It appears in cases where a person has an inner desire to improve the quality of the work performed, as well as his professional duties.

On methods of stimulating staff

Stimulate the company’s staff can be with the help of positive and negative motivation. In the first case, management is able to interest workers in improving the quality of work, using a system of incentives, and they are both tangible and intangible. In each separate case, the possibility of increasing the allowance to salary, the size of bonus accruals, payment of training for employees, social security, insurance, etc. is considered. The application of non-material methods allows to increase the status of an employee, entrust him with the implementation of more complex projects in production, etc.

If the employee does not fulfill his direct duties, the management of the organization may resort to methods of negative motivation. To a careless specialist, financial penalties are imposed in the form of fines, as well as psychological effects. For example, a person can be transferred to unskilled labor or a position with a lower salary. This includes reprimands and warnings, which can be displayed in the personal file of each employee.

Features of motivation of different types of employees

Depending on how a person relates to their work, it is common to distinguish between certain categories of employees. To maximally select the method of motivation for a certain person, the head of the organization, as well as the personnel managers, need to know what types of personalities exist. To do this, it is enough to look closely at people and analyze the behavior of each person.


Employees of this category represent a certain type of people who consider the size of their salaries to be the main thing in their work. As a rule, such workers do not take an active part in the life of the company, nor do they attach significance to the events taking place in the collective.

Despite this, such specialists can have quite good relations with their colleagues, besides they are often respected by their colleagues. Employees of the “toolkit” type do not value the moral and ethical values ​​of the company, moreover, if a more profitable job offer comes from the competing firm, they will not hesitate to write a letter of resignation and will not regret it.

In most cases, the “toolkits” are responsible for their duties and are highly qualified specialists. Heads of enterprises, which employ such personnel, it will be interesting to learn how to interest them to work for the benefit of the company. The answer to the banal is simple – of course, money.

Staff-tools will work with high returns, if they significantly increase their salary, pay bonuses and all sorts of bonuses. Note that such people are normal to healthy criticism about the mistakes in their work, and therefore adequately respond to penalties if they were received through their fault.

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