Online recharge with a payment app – Fast and easy

Online recharge with a payment app – Fast and easy

You can stay connected on your prepaid phone connection or household DTH connection with a cool recharge app.

Of what use is the formidable power of the human brain if not to think of easy fixes to vexing problems?

Consider the issue of recharging your prepaid phone connection. On the face of it, it’s not an issue at all. You are forewarned that your account balance is low, and you proceed to recharge as required. But you are often in a hurry and you may forget to heed the recharge alerts that your provider sends. The same can happen with your DTH connection at home. So leading service providers came up with recharge apps to help customers stay connected.

Not recharging your connections on time leads to slowing down of the network and even suspension of services. Imagine not being able to make calls, or send texts, or surf the web, or even chat with friends! Besides, it is doubly embarrassing when somebody calls you and hears the provider informing the caller that your number has been temporarily disconnected.

Why face these issues at all? Download a cool app like the myAirtel app and never face a recharge problem again.

Recharge apps – fast, easy, so convenient!

Online recharge is a process, as the term suggests, of recharging your phone or DTH connection over the world wide web. It is a modern technology that combines the finesse of fin-tech (financial technology) with digital capabilities to offer the end user a simple interface for transferring payments to their service provider.

You can easily do the recharge of your phone or DTH connection over your smartphone using a good payment app that offers a secure interface. You don’t need to log on to the Internet via your laptop or work computer. Just click on the app icon to get started on the recharge.

The easiest and most convenient online recharge app is Airtel’s myAirtel app. Unlike other payment apps, myAirtel allows recharge of non-Airtel numbers as well as utilities bill payments.

If you have never tried recharging online before, just install the myAirtel app on your phone to get started.

* ThemyAirtel app lets you do online recharge for prepaid phone and DTH. You can also pay your postpaid and broadband bills on it.

* On the home screen in the app, look for the term ‘Prepaid recharge’. Tap it to start the recharge process.

* The app will prompt you to enter your details – Name, 10-digit number – and also display how much balance is left on the account.

* The app helpfully lists quick recharge options for pre-determined amounts of money. You can choose any of them, or proceed further.

* Now choose the preferred payment option: Airtel Money, debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI app, etc. Once you click on the preferred option, click on the term ‘Recharge now’.

* Now input the amount of money you wish to pay, and complete the online recharge process.

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