Online Tutoring Websites to Boost Your Grades

Online Tutoring Websites to Boost Your Grades

What should I include in the summary of an article?

This is one common question which most of the people ask when they meet me. Let’s discuss about it now. Summary of an article should include some important elements like

  • The summary of your article should be written in a very unique style.
  • The summary of your article should be shorter than your original document.
  • You should be able to convey the main idea of your article in the summary clearly.

How to summarize a research article?

  • The first step involves in identifying the main topic or idea of the article.
  • The next step involves in identifying the most important arguments in the article.
  • Last but not the least now start writing the summary. Remember, you should always start writing summary with the title of your work and author’s name.

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