Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring: Does It Really Increase Productivity Rates?

Pros and Cons of Employee Monitoring: Does It Really Increase Productivity Rates?

When it comes to the supervision of employees, of course, there are privacy issues. Employees may wonder what you are monitoring, whether you monitor with their consent and when you monitor their activities.

These are legitimate concerns about why it is important to use an employee monitoring system that provides complete transparency and privacy.

Benefits of employee monitoring

You keep track of productivity rates

It’s hard to know how productive your peopleare when you have no way to monitor their productivity. The employee monitoring software allows you to retrieve daily and weekly reports with hours, web sites and application usage, task and client errors, and more.

Whether you have the external staff or not, investing in monitoring software for employees like Hubstaff that records the time and what your employees are doing can cut costs, waste time,and increase productivity.

Mark the trusted employees and eliminate the terrible ones

It would be nice if every employer trusted all employees. It does not work that way. Employees need to gain trust, show quality and achieve high productivity rates.

Monitoring software for employees like Teramind will provide proof of how good employees work. It shows you when some employees go beyond their customers, easily reach deadlines, and work more productively than other teammates.

Drawbacks of employee monitoring

The moral dilemma of employee monitoring

Each time you install the employee monitoring software, you must be aware of privacy issues. In no case is it permissible to spy on employees or to monitor the activity of their computer without consent. If you’re using any software that monitors employee activity without the staff knowing, it’s time to hire software that provides complete transparency.

Confidence in employee monitoring

If you tellthe employees that you will use the software to monitor his work, he may feel that he is a criminal or does not trust them. Nobody wants to feel that way when they enter a new trading company. You can tackle this problem by the way the employee tracking software exists.

First, let them know that your company’s default policy is to use employee tracking software and that you and each member of the management team use the software.

Secondly, present employee monitoring software as a productivity tool that protects both the company and the employee instead of the monitoring software.


As you can see, there are some advantages to some of the disadvantages of employee tracking software. However, if this is completely transparent, you will find that the employee tracking software with your focus works only for you and your employees.

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