Teach Your Teen the Rules of the Road

Teach Your Teen the Rules of the Road

Do you have a teenager under your roof that is looking to get a driver’s license and take to the roads? If so, are you ready for that time in your life and their life too?


As some parents can tell you, such a time in life can be both happy emotions and some anxiety too.


In allowing your teen to get a license, you want to make sure they will be responsible when they get behind the wheel.

So, are you ready to teach your teen the rules of the road?


Getting Your Kid Off on the Right Foot


Before your teen ever gets behind the wheel, they should have a good grasp of the rules of the road.

You also want to make sure they are in a car or truck that is as protective as possible.

With that in mind, what kind of vehicle do you expect them to drive?


If you are buying a used auto for them, will you do a thorough review of it before buying?


When it is time to do a VIN check, you are a step closer to learning more about the prospective vehicle.


By having the vehicle I.D. number, you are able to improve your odds of discovering any of the following:

· Serious accidents the vehicle has been in


· If the odometer is in fact correct and not tampered with


· Any notable recalls that can call into question driver and passenger safety


The importance of having your teen in a safe vehicle is never something to gloss over.

With a thorough review of the prospective vehicle, you lower the odds of buying into a mess.


Once you have the right car or truck for your teen, go over the rules of the road with them yet again. Remember, such tenacity in doing this lowers the odds of them getting into a serious accident.

So, where to start?

Among the best practices your teen should observe behind the wheel:

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· No distractions – It can be quite easy for one to get distracted in all they do. That said one place you do not want your teen getting distracted is when driving. It only takes a few seconds on a cell phone or other distraction to cause a serious accident.

· No drinking and driving – As your teen spends time with friends, there can be pressure to feel accepted. Remind your teenager no matter how many times it takes that drinking and driving is never a good idea.

· No aggressive driving – If your teen has an aggressive side, the last place you want it to come out is when driving. With that being the case, preach to them if needed that it never is a good idea to be aggressive with other drivers. If someone’s driving is bothering your teen, tell them it is always best to ignore and drive on.


· No tired driving – Last, if your teen has a part-time job in the evenings or out with friends, make sure they have a curfew. Having them out on the roads at all hours of the night is not a good thing. If your teen is feeling tired, he or she should crash with a friend that night instead of trying to make it home. The same applies if there is serious inclement weather in the area.

In finding the right vehicle and teaching your teenager the rules of the road, it is a win-win for both of you.



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