Things you should know before writing your novel:

Every writer in this world wants to write stuff that reaches to the maximum number of people, possible. And each and every writer, at some point in their life, has wondered, “Is my idea good enough?” But an idea is not enough to make your book a success; it’s just a start in your writing process. So, what makes a good novel? Well, there are several key components that every writer should consider when writing a novel or a book. Have you ever come across a book in a library or bookshop, whose cover has allured you, but after buying that book, you have hardly read just one page, and then you put it in your bookshelf, thinking, “I will read it later?” It’s quite normal for a reader to do this, because not every book has the ability to keep the audience engaged.

Primary components that make a novel successful:

  • It’s all about the opening: A better story doesn’t guarantee an excellent novel. Most of the novels are based on simple ideas. You can pick up any great novel that has a simple idea, the one brilliant thing that writer did there is to make the audience questioning. As questioning is a clear indication that readers are getting curious.
  • Focus on the plot of your story: Once you are successful in grabbing the audience attention, not the further journey depends on how strong the plot of your story is. Describing the development of your character, as the reader goes through pages, is the most crucial thing.
  • Point out every subtle detail: Only a writer can help the readers, visualize the story. You need to write in a way so that the audience can feel, what you want them to.

A great story is not a story that a reader reads; it’s a story that they live. These were the points what makes a good novel. Also, do make sure to write, whatever you feel in your heart about the characters and situations. As it is quite easy for the audience, not to feel the same way, that a writer wants them to be.

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