This Muscular Disease Can Change Your Life: Crowdfund for Healthcare Solutions

This Muscular Disease Can Change Your Life: Crowdfund for Healthcare Solutions

Marked by progressive muscle weakness and defects in different components of muscles, the disease targets the face, shoulder blades and upper arms of adolescents. Often, the hip girdle and legs are affected as well. It is during this time of a patient’s life that symptoms are most likely to make an appearance. Termed as Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy or FSHD, some of the tell-tale signs and symptoms include:

  • Inability to whistle or sip through a straw
  • Eyes that are partially open during sleep (leading to dry eyes)
  • Shoulder blades that wing out or are asymmetric
  • Protuberant abdomen or weak abdominal muscles
  • Curved spine
  • Burning pain in muscles
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Hearing loss

Stem cell therapy is usually administered to help control the disease. These procedures can cost a minimum of Rs 6 lakhs in an Indian hospital that provides quality healthcare services. This disease is, unfortunately, not covered by health insurance policies and many young, middle income patients are at a loss when it comes to medical bills.

Medical crowdfunding is the light at the end of the tunnel, providing a no-payback solution to patients and their families. Millions of families around the world have successfully run crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for their loved ones’ medical treatment, through learning how crowdfunding works, planning their campaign ahead of time and exercising effective social media strategies.

Ali Mohammed, aged 25, from Navi Mumbai, India is one such campaigner. After his father passed away four years ago, Ali became the sole breadwinner for his family and manages to sustain them on a monthly salary of Rs 25,000. Diagnosed with FSHD, Ali has difficulty smiling, finds himself exhausted doing everyday activities and suffers from dry eyes. With his meagre salary, he is unable to put together the Rs 6 lakhs he needs to afford his stem cell therapy. Ali has turned to Impact Guru, a global crowdfunding platform to pay for his treatment.

Though FSHD is a rare condition and not much is known about the disease, it can be diagnosed with a visit to the right doctor and if you’re facing any of the conditions mentioned above, we recommend you see a doctor right away. There are plenty of medical crowdfunding websites across the country, managed by compassionate teams that are willing to guide the first-time crowdfunder through a fundraiser’s journey to raise the funds they need. If you or your loved one needs help with medical bills, start a fundraiser today!

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