Three Reasons That Can Cause Breast Enlargement

Three Reasons That Can Cause Breast Enlargement

If you are observing any change in the shape or size of your breast then, you should take some series action. Any change in the size is pointing towards the medical condition. Symptoms like tenderness, redness, heat, lumps, nipple discharge, changes in nipple look and bleeding from the breast are some of the problem that is indicating towards the bog issue which no women should ignore.

In order to know the answer how to make boobs bigger, women try many things which lend them into series problem.

  • Hormonal:  Hormones is one of the most important factor that changes the breast size of women. The factors like menstrual cycle, pregnancy, puberty, oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy, Gynaecological diseases and menopause can affect the size extremely.
  • Injury: Injury like trauma can boost the permeability of the blood vessels in the breast as well as it can because fluid leaks out into the tissue spaces. Factors like blow to the breast, tight brassieres, surgery of the breast and rough handling can promote ups and down in the size of the breast.
  • Breast Disease: Inflammation or other breast diseases can change the size of the breast.  Loss and gain of the fat tissues, can affect one or both breasts. Breast diseases like breast cyst, breast abscess, fibrocystic breast disease, benign breast tumours, breast cancer, mastitis and galactorrhea cause changes.

So, the change in breast size may be harmless and is not a signs of any breast disease. But, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the happenings. Doctor consultation is must in every situation.  Breast enlargement can also be done using natural ways. You no need to go through surgery and any other complicated way to get the bigger boobs. Women should always choose what is best for them, not what is suitable for them.

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