Top 5 Reasons why Kids Should Read Books

Top 5 Reasons why Kids Should Read Books

Reading a book is one of the surest ways to acquire knowledge. People can live many different lives of many different people they have never met just from the books they read. It is very important for everyone to read a book as often as they get a chance to but more important is the need for children to do same. There are many benefits kids can get from reading books regularly. Here are just a few of them.


Books help kids improve their communication skills and one of the ways this happens is by widening their vocabulary. There are chances that kids will hear a new word every now and then from their friends, parents or school teachers but the most effective way for kids to learn new words is by reading books. That way, they not only learn new words but also familiarise themselves with synonyms and general syntax. This helps them express their thoughts more definitively.


It is almost impossible to read books and not develop a keen sense of imagination. Books paint pictures with words and readers are always forced to harness their imaginative powers to enjoy a book properly. Reading is a very sure way to improve a child’s imagination. Books have a lot of description in them from how a person dress, to how they walk and even the entire area around them. When children read these books, they create pictures in their minds and this helps their general sense of imagination.


Books are the best ways to teach a child how to write. The right words to use and the proper ways to use them are almost ‘automatically’ learned from constant reading. When a child reads how an author writes, they also learn how to write. It also helps them pick out wrong grammatical errors which in turn helps them avoid such errors.


Writing isn’t the only skill a child can pick up from a reading habit. Pretty much anything can be learnt by children if they read books. A child can learn a wide range of fundamental life skills just from reading. Interpersonal skills, behaviour, respect are just a few. Children can even pick up hobbies from information learnt in books. There are books that teach children rudiments of cooking or sports, for example. This helps them perform better at these physical activities when they eventually get into them.

Children’s books also contain a lot of pictures to accompany the words in the books which helps them comprehend and learn these skills faster. If you have kids, an online store like The Works will solve all book needs for your kids. There are all kinds of books available there that can satisfy some of the points mentioned and teach them these skills. You can take advantage of their ongoing 10 for £10 Kids Picture Books offer and spend very little on giving your kids a delight.


Children can also learn a lot about safety from the books that they read. These books can contain information about illness and what to look out for when they are falling ill so they can immediately notify a parent or guardian. It can also teach them what to do in an emergency situation. A book containing such an occurrence where a child dialled 999, will help kids know to do the same thing in case of an emergency.

Parents and guardians should not rely on their own word of mouth or the child’s experiences to teach them. It is very good to invest in books for children. That way, they are more prepared for life and all it may throw their way.

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