Top Sports Injuries and How They Happen

Top Sports Injuries and How They Happen

All you have to do is tune into Sunday Night Football and you’re sure to see some injuries happen out there on the field. Injuries can happen to anyone playing sports, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a NFL superstar. While many injuries are mild or moderate and simply require some rest, more serious injuries can require sports medicine therapy NYC or even surgery. Here’s a closer look at some of the top sports injuries and how they can happen when you’re out playing sports.

Ankle Sprains

From runners to football players, ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries. These are soft tissue injuries that occur when your ankle turns while you’re playing sports. An ankle sprain can be caused by landing incorrectly after a jump, by losing your footing, or by planting your foot wrong when making a quick switch in direction. If it’s a harmless roll of the ankle, the pain should wear off, but if you’re dealing with prolonged pain, you’re probably dealing with a sprain.

ACL Strains and Tears

The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is a ligament that works to help stabilize the knee. This sports injury often occurs when athletes try to change direction, pivot, cut, or slow down abruptly. If the injury actually tears the ACL, it can be quite devastating. While an ACL strain or a small tear may heal with just some rest, a complete tear of the ACL usually requires surgery, as well as months of aggressive sports medicine therapy NYC, before an athlete can get back to playing sports.

Hamstring Pulls

When the muscles get stretched too far, a hamstring pull can occur. Any sport that places a lot of stress on the legs or involves sprinting, jumping, and kicking can put athletes at risk for this sports injury. These injuries can vary in severity, from a complete tear of the hamstring to a simple muscle pull. Rehabilitation for this type of injury should focus on rebuilding the muscle to prevent re-injury in the future.

Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder can be very prone to injury because it’s one of the weakest joints in the body. During athletic activities, it’s often subject to a lot of force, and strains, sprains, dislocations, and misalignments can occur. Lack of stabilization, strength, or flexibility in the shoulder often results in injury. Initial treatment often involves icing and rest, but if pain in the shoulder lasts more than a couple weeks, it’s a good idea to have it evaluated by a therapist.

Taking measures to prevent sports injuries is always the best practice, but injuries can still occur when you’re involved in sports. If you do get injured, sports medicine therapy NYC can get you back on track so you reduce your down time and get back to the sport you love.  

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