Tricks to shorten the learning curve in your marijuana cultivation

Tricks to shorten the learning curve in your marijuana cultivation

Newbies who are getting started with their marijuana cultivation invariably will have their own learning curve. This learning curve could be a short one or a long one and it is likely to vary from person to person. It is desirable to keep this learning curve as short as possible. Here are few tips that will help you keep your learning curve shorter. Try to implement this to enjoy the benefits and to speed up your learning process.

First find the best store to buy marijuana seeds online. Everything revolves around the quality of the seeds. If you are not going to find the right seeds then you are going to run into series of unnecessary issues during the cultivation process. You will be able to easily get into actual cultivation process rather than resolving those unnecessary issues when you have good seeds at hand. Many people do not realize why it is important to get good seeds. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to get good quality seeds. Your time will be spent more usefully in the cultivation process rather than on wasting the time on recovering from challenges. This is the first step and the most important step in reducing the learning curve.

The second factor that you should consider besides finding the best store for weed seeds USA has to offer is to go for multiple genetic strains for cultivation. Normally, the tendency is to go with a single genetic strain at a time. If you are going to try this approach you will learn but the learning curve will be very long. Instead of that, what you could do is to find an online store that allows you to order the seeds from multiple genetic strains as mixes and collections. This way you could cultivate multiple genetic strains simultaneously. You will certainly see a lot of difference in the previous method and this approach. When you complete the first batch of cultivation you would know how different genetic strains respond to different environmental conditions. You will have a test case at hand. Therefore, take advantage of this approach and shorten your learning curve considerably.

While it is important that you should speed up the learning curve what is not possible is to speed up the process itself. You cannot make the plants grow fast and make them flower. One quick approach there is to go for autoflowering seeds instead of normal or regular seeds. When you go for autoflowering seeds your plants will flower in just eight to ten weeks time. You are however required to have a plenty of patience when you are cultivating marijuana. Without patience you are likely to waste your time more because in your impatience you will try things to speed up the process which would actually affect the process and make you regress. You could avoid all such risks with a bit of patience. Try it out and you will know for yourself.

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