Why Are Vacuum Cleaners with Power Cords a Better Option Than Cordless Models?

Why Are Vacuum Cleaners with Power Cords a Better Option Than Cordless Models?

Cordless vacuum cleaners – this is the latest trend in the vacuum cleaner market. You would obviously imagine – no restrictions and no tangling cords but lot of flexibility. It all sounds good, but in reality, it isn’t. A cordless vacuum cleaner isn’t really the best vacuum cleaner in India. Corded ones are a much better option. Let’s compare both these kinds based on the key factors that are considered while buying a vacuum cleaner and see how well each one fits based on that. This way, you will be able to clearly identify the better choice:

Suction Power

Corded vacuum cleaners have a consistently strong suction power as they are connected to a power supply and remove the dust with the same capacity throughout. When it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners, their efficiency starts dropping as they lose charge. This is especially evident when you try to clean carpets. So, if you have carpets in your house, you need to go for a corded vacuum cleaner.

Which One Works Longer?

A corded vacuum cleaner will work as long as it is connected to the power outlet and there is no power cut. You can use it to clean every corner of the house without it losing its power. The cordless vacuum cleaners work only until the battery has power. It typically has a battery life of 7 minutes – 40 minutes and then it needs to be charged for 2 to 16 hours. If you want your cordless vacuum cleaner to work for longer, you should invest in extra replaceable batteries.

Dust Storage Capacity

The capacity of a corded vacuum cleaner is 2-3 liters as compared to a cordless one, which has only 0.6 liters. As a result, it does not need to be emptied and cleaned as frequently. Anyone with dust allergy is better off being less exposed to the allergens when using a corded variant.

Which Is More Flexible?

It is true that a cordless vacuum cleaner does not bind you with a cord and it can be moved comfortably. However, considering that advanced wired vacuum cleaners have retractable cords that can stretch up to 5m or more, that is not necessarily a negative point against them. They can reach everywhere a cordless one can and have as many or more special function attachments to perform all the cleaning functions.


You can choose to store the corded vacuum cleaner in a closet or in any corner of the house. Just take it out when required, plug it and use. The cordless vacuum cleaner has to be stored in a place that has access to a power outlet so that it can be charged while not in use.

After having read about the benefits and drawbacks of both types of vacuum cleaners, it is up to you to decide the best vacuum cleaner in India for your needs. You must consider the tradeoff you will be making in terms of efficiency, convenience, health and to top it all, the cost factor.

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